Markus Ryll (MIT)

Markus Ryll is a researcher at the Robust Robotics Group at MIT, Cambridge working on higher level autonomy of drones. Before he was a Postdoctoral researcher at LAAS-CNRS working on aerial manipulation in the AeroArms project. Markus Ryll obtained his PhD at the Autonomous Robots and Human-Machine Systems at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics working on fully actuated aerial vehicles.

Guillermo Heredia (University of Seville)

Guillermo Heredia is Professor at the Engineering School and researcher of the GRVC Robotics Lab of the University of Seville. He was visiting researcher at the Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, and worked for General Motors. He is co-PI of the HYFLIERS, AEROBI and RESIST H2020 European projects on aerial manipulation for inspection of infrastructures and industrial plants, and participated in AEROARMS, ARCAS and others on physical interaction with aerial robots. He organized a tutorial on Aerial Manipulation on IROS18 and several related workshops in other conferences.

Mina Kamel (ETH)

Mina Kamel is a PhD candidate at the Autonomous Systems Lab, ETH Zurich working on control and navigation for aerial robots with focus on aerial physical interaction within the Aeroworks and Voliro projects. Before he obtained his Master degree from ETH Zurich working on aerial robots for rope deployment.

Juan Nieto (ETH)

Juan Nieto is the Deputy Director at the Autonomous Systems Lab, ETH Zurich. He received his PhD from the University of Sydney, at the Australian Centre for Field Robotics. He was also a Senior Research Fellow in Sydney, and a project lead at the Rio Tinto Centre for Mine Automation. He has organized several workshops, acted as editor and associate editor for a number of conferences and journals. He has been PI in several European projects and was the vice-coordinator of the H2020 Flourish. He is also involved in several projects with industrial partners such as Microsoft, Siemens, Intel, etc. He has published over 100 research papers.

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